Teaching Kids about Money Lessons, Games and Activities Bundled Set-Digital Download

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Add to your Family Consumer Science Lessons with these Money Lessons and teaching kids about money set.
This curriculum set is geared toward teaching kids about money through money lessons, games and worksheets. USA money is used this resource.
Included in the Teaching set:

6 Kids Money Games Sets that focus on practicing counting money and recognizing USA coins.

  1. Gumball Machine money game
  2. Fish bowl counting coins game
  3. Build a Turkey money game
  4. Build a snowman money game
  5. Build a bear money game
  6. Find a dog a bone money game
  7. Feed the Monkey money Game
  8. Bird Houses for sale money game
  9. Ice cream party -practice counting money game

5 USA Money Math Workbook, Games and Activities

  1. Teaching Money skills workbook
  2. USA money poster, Money bingo and money worksheets
  3. USA money puzzles
  4. USA money counting cards game
  5. Money Trivia Cards

6 Money Games-  not centered on a certain countries money denomination and focuses on counting money and the concept of using money.

  1. Bakery Shop Math Problems
  2. Career choices money game
  3. Checkbook Register Money math game
  4. Money Go Round math game
  5. Money Tree Game- teaching kids about needs vs. wants
  6. Pizza Shop money game

Money Lessons for Kids- 7 lesson plans with activities, games and worksheets for teaching. 41 pages

Money for a Puppy Ebook - an illustrated ebook about a girl who learns to save money to buy a pet.

534 pages included in a zip file. Available after checkout.

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