Terms of Use

Kids Cooking Activities owns their own resources. By buying anything from our store it provides you with certain rights to use for limited purposes. 

Printed Copies

When you buy any of our curriculum and resources at Kids Cooking Activities you have the right to make copies for your students for use in your own classroom. 

One User

The rights to using Kids Cooking Activities curriculum and resources is available for the specific user that buys the license, this can be transferred to someone such as a school principal buying and then transferring the use to a teacher. Essentially we assign the use of our resources to one person for use.

No Resell or Commercial Rights

You may not use any of our resources bought here for commercial purposes. This essentially means you can not buy our curriculum resources here, then sell them to your students, parents, other teachers, etc.
Our resources can not be posted on websites, shared, sold, or transferred to someone else.

If students or other teachers, friends, etc. would like to use the Kids Cooking Activities curriculum, they must buy the rights to use themselves. 

Other terms and conditions for using our recipes and resources can be found here.

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