Learning about Food Facts

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Teaching and helping children understand where and how fruits, vegetables and other products we eat are grown, can help peak their interest in eating healthy. This Food Facts Ebook has 60 different food items, fruits and vegetables that includes information such as:
  • How the food grows
  • What time of year it is available
  • What to look for when buying and picking it
  • Nutrition facts
  • How to cook
  • Recipe(s) for each food
  • A Fruit and Vegetable Nutrition Chart

See a sample of one of our food fact sheets: Banana Facts  

These are informative sheets that include facts for many fruits and vegetables, grain, dairy and meat products. These fact sheets are to help learn more about good nutrition and follow healthy eating for kids.

YOUR BOOKS ARE FABULOUS! I knew by viewing your website over the past few months that you had a lot of what I need to perform my cooking classes, but I never dreamed that I would get the expertise and continuously wonderful ideas from your books! I am positively thrilled to death about them.  ~Sheila

Your food fact sheets are fabulous to refer to when my children say to me: "Why should we eat spinach?"… It’s right there for them to see how all these foods play a part in keeping their bodies healthy.  ~Wendy

68 pages
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