Healthy Snack Recipes for Kids- 60 Easy Recipes for Kids to Make-Digital Download

$ 5.00

Encourage your kids to get involved in cooking. Children are naturally curious and teaching them to cook will help instill healthy eating habits, as well as encourage them to try new foods.  View this product in our store.

This cookbook is focused on:

  • Involving kids in cooking activities
  • Making delicious snacks that are ready in a few minutes
  • Introducing new snacks for kids to try
  • Using the healthiest and most natural ingredients

You'll find in the cookbook 5 basic categories including

  • fruit snacks
  • vegetable snacks
  • mini meals
  • sweet snacks
  • salty snacks

For a total of 60 recipes all healthy, quick and easy. 

~Please note this cookbook does not include photos of the recipes.

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