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Teacher Curriculum Set for Teaching Children Cooking

$ 97.00

Our Teacher Curriculum Set is a complete kit for teaching kids to cook. 

This Set is Perfect For:

  • Kids who love to cook
  • Parents who want to teach kids about cooking and good nutrition
  • Home school families
  • Childcare providers
  • Youth group leaders
  • Girl scout/Boy scout leaders
  • Anyone who wants a planned curriculum or ideas for teaching kids to cook
  • After school activities program
  • Kids Summer Camps
  • Special Needs Students
  • Interested in teaching adults see our adult version.

This is a downloadable product that will come in a zip file. You will not be receiving anything physically in the mail. The links have all your files included. You will have immediate access after checkout.

What's Is Included in the Teacher's Curriculum Cooking Set

1.) Kids Cooking Lessons Instructor Manual includes our lessons with a section for each age group. The book is designed to give teachers the opportunity to have a structured curriculum for teaching kids how to cook. (Value $27)  149 pages

See instructor page for more details.


2.) Kids Cooking Lessons Student Manual geared towards children and includes workbook pages and quizzes within the lessons.  (Value $27) 143 pages

See student manual for more details and sample pages.

Most of our readers enjoy having both the Instructor and Student manuals because the instructor manual is more in-depth with teaching tips and ideas and geared toward the teacher as well as having all the answers included within the workbook pages. Whereas the student manual is geared to the child and has all the workbook pages ready for them to fill out.


3.) Kids Cooking Poster Set. This kids cooking theme set has 18 posters in pdf and jpg format including: (value $12.00)

  • Kitchen Safety
  • Food Sanitation
  • 10 Steps to Kitchen Clean Up
  • Washing your Hands
  • 2 Cooking Certificates
  • 4 Measuring charts
  • Knife Safety Skills
  • Knife Safety Rules
  • Types of Kitchen Knives
  • Terms for Cutting Food
  • Fruit and Vegetable Nutrition Chart
  • Appropriate kitchen skills based on age:
  • 3-6 years old, 7-11 years old,  12-15 years old,  15-18 years old

      4.) 14 Extra Kids Cooking Worksheet Sets (value $42)- see individual products for sample pages and more information on each set.

      Half and doubling recipe worksheets

      Measuring chart worksheets

      Kitchen tools and appliances worksheets

      Cooking vocabulary sheets

      Fruit group worksheets

      Vegetable group worksheets

      Food group worksheets

      Food bingo game and activity

      Food trivia card game

      Food Word searches

      Food alphabet cards

      Pizza fractions activity


      How to Read a Recipe Worksheets

      5.) 5 Instructor Training Videos (only available in this Teacher's Set)
      The videos are m4v files and will cover:

      1. -Getting started creating a kids cooking business
      2 - Food Safety and tips on teaching safe handling food to kids
      3 - Setting up your cooking classes
      4 - Setting up your cooking supplies and what you'll need
      5 - Tips for teaching cooking classes to children

      This is a downloadable product that will come in a zip file. You will not be receiving anything physically in the mail. The links have all your files included. You will have immediate access after checkout.

      What do people love about our ebooks?

      We have so much valuable information and recipes on our site that our readers, kids, teachers and parents can get overwhelmed. Our Kids Cooking Activities Ebooks make it easier and convenient to have a printable ebook available that has no ads and easy to teach with. I've used them myself in teaching and have added thoughts and suggestions to help you in teaching. If you'd like our lessons in book form with extra learning worksheets, more recipes and other things not available on our website, then this book is for you.

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