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How to Bake With Kids

Debbie Madson

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When I say ‘baking with kids,’ what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it a mental image of a child covered in flour, looking more like a cartoon ghost than a human being? Possibly it is from your own childhood where everything is seemingly covered with various ingredients while trying to make cookies. No matter what your perception is of kids baking, there is a right way and a wrong way to bake with your children. Keep It Simple Combine, Pour, Bake and Eat. Those are the four steps that any kid should be able to digest,...

Learning to Cook Eggs

Debbie Madson

Tags cooking lesson, kids cooking, kids cooking lessons

When your kids are just learning how to cook on the stovetop one of the best recipes to have them start with is scrambled eggs. Have them mix their eggs, salt, pepper, shredded cheese or other toppings they like in a bowl. Blend together. Warm the pan on the stovetop, if you'd like you could put a dot of butter to help grease the pan. Pour in your eggs. And continue to stir back and forth until your eggs are completely cooked. This is (almost) instant gratification for kids as it doesn't take long to cook and they'll have a...

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